Virtual Staging Made Easy

Virtual Staging & Furniture Removal
Made Easy

Our virtual staging software is the fastest and simplest way to home stage your images with or without existing furniture, at an unmatched price point


2D image support


360 image support

As low as $7 per image

Virtual Staging and Decluttering included


$10 USD


_Per Apply Coin

When purchasing up to 9 Apply Coins


$8 USD


_Per Apply Coin

When purchasing 10-19 Apply Coins


$7 USD


_Per Apply Coin

When purchasing 20+ Apply Coins

Uploading a 2D image costs

_1 Apply Coin C

Uploading a 360 image costs

_2 Apply Coin C


We support both

2D Images

2D Images

Any image taken from any device.

360 Images

360 Images

Any equirectangular 2:1 image taken from any device.

virtual staging app

Upload your property image

Enhance your property's appeal by uploading your image for virtual staging. Just drag and drop any image taken by any device, then design on top of it with our 3D editor.

AI Decluttering with a click

Our AI item removal tool will remove your existing furniture automatically within minutes by simply checking a box.

virtual staging | before and after
virtual staging software

Drag & drop furniture

Experience the future of home staging with our virtual staging software. Use our intuitive web editor to effortlessly create appealing interiors and a stunning visual transformation.

Get a realistic result

Just one click away, you can take your designs and turn them into jaw-dropping renders through our staging process. Elevate your property's visual appeal and captivate potential buyers with our professional grade virtual staging software

virtual staging transformation

Check Out Our Virtual Staging Results

Our app delivers authentic staged images in 20 minutes or less from uploading your vacant photo until you can view the final result.

Why us?

lowest virtual staging price

Lowest price

Our prices are as low as $7 per image, while other Virtual Staging agencies charge $30-$90 per image.

fastest virtual staging turnaround
Fastest turnaround

Once you are finished with your design, you will receive the high-resolution image within minutes, while common agencies may take up to 48h.

endless virtual staging revisions
Full control & endless revisions

Get the exact result you are looking for. If you are not satisfied with a design, you are free to make endless revisions until you are.


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100% Money Back Guarantee

Try us now at a price point of $7 per image.
If you are not happy with the results, we have a 100% money-back guarantee.