“Apply Design is a huge time and money saver!”

Amy Lang
Owner of Bridge City Staging
Home Stager

How did you virtually stage your images before using us?

Before Apply Design I would painstakingly create a custom mood board and layout in Photoshop and then use one of the "Big Box" virtual staging companies to implement the design. Sometimes the result was acceptable, but it never had my attention to detail. Plus, the turnaround time was never consistent. Oftentimes I needed edits due to mistakes made by them, and to get the edits returned it took longer than it took to get the first round. I was never satisfied.

How did Apply Design help you reduce your costs\saving time?

Apply Design is a huge time and money saver! The time I used to spend making mood boards and layouts is now being used to create stunning final virtually staged images. The fact that you get a discount with the more coins you purchase is a huge money saver.

Did our solution help you get more jobs?

Using Apply Design has enabled me to deliver high-quality virtually staged images in record time. Clients are beyond impressed with the custom style and quick turnaround which made more people interested in my services.

Do you find our solution easy to use?

Apply Design is an extremely easy application to use, plus, the library is ever changing. The drag and drop furniture allows for lots of experimentation and you can do multiple revisions. The more attention to detail the user has the better the result will be.

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Aaron Horne
Real Estate Agency

“Even those who are not design-savvy can easily create realistic and inviting virtually staged spaces that attract potential buyers regularly. It has taken our real estate marketing to the next level!”

Troy Sinclair
Real Estate Photographer

"The lighting, shadows, and reflections are on point, making my workflow so much easier. My clients are amazed at the end results, bringing their homes to life and most importantly attracting potential buyers."

Nita Chyree
Interior Designer & Virtual Stager

“Apply Design is the best virtual staging software we've used. Their team acts as a partner to ensure we consistently produce stunning results that our clients are thrilled with.”

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