"My clients often are amazed at the end results"

Troy Sinclair
Photographer at Shakedog Photography
Real Estate Photographer

How long have you used Apply Design for?

I have been using Apply Design for over 12 months for my virtual staging needs.

Why did you choose using it?

The platform is user friendly to navigate, and the catalogue of furnishings is very large and always changing. You can simply use room bundles to put a room together or use single pieces of furniture to achieve your results. I have found Apply Design are always updating aspects of their app, and over time have added details such as being able to place furniture on the outside of a room through a glass door or window, which is excellent and much more realistic. Also being able to change the size of any piece really helps fit furnishings into any space.

What do you like best about it?

That I don't have to spend hours editing each room for staging like the old days, this system not only does virtual staging, but the light, shadows and reflections are on pointe, making my editing workflow so much easier.

What can only Apply Design provide you that non other competitor can?

The 24/7 support team is always there if I need a query answered, I'm not waiting hours for a reply, it is within a minute or two, which is terrific as we all have deadlines to meet. They are helpful and explain solutions to a problem in plain english and we get the job done quickly.

Also, I have found the cost of Apply Design very economical for me and my clients, and the more coins purchased, the cheaper it becomes. It's best to buy a bundle of coins and use them as needed, rather than paying per room.

The most important aspect of Apply Design, is client satisfaction, my clients often are amazed at the end results, brining their home to life and most importantly attracting potential buyers.

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Aaron Horne
Real Estate Agency

“Even those who are not design-savvy can easily create realistic and inviting virtually staged spaces that attract potential buyers regularly. It has taken our real estate marketing to the next level!”

Nita Chyree
Interior Designer & Virtual Stager

“Apply Design is the best virtual staging software we've used. Their team acts as a partner to ensure we consistently produce stunning results that our clients are thrilled with.”

Amy Lang
Home Stager

"Apply Design is a huge time and money saver! I’m able to deliver high-quality virtually staged images in record time, and my clients are beyond impressed with the custom style and quick turnaround.”

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