״Apply Design stand out for us is the around-the-clock support ״

Nita Chyree
Owner of HomeVisions Virtual Staging and Design
Interior Designer & Virtual Stager

Why did you choose working with Apply Design?

We’re a real estate photography and virtual staging studio based in Kansas City. We’ve worked with a variety of virtual staging applications, but Apply Design is by far and away the best software we’ve used.
The application is easy to use with a simple interface, furniture can be adjusted in any direction and any size, and the results are absolutely stunning.

What do you like the most about it?

But what makes Apply Design stand out for us is the around-the-clock support we receive. We often work with tight deadlines and Apply Design acts as a partner to immediately resolve any issues that may arise.
We’re very happy with our relationship with Apply Design but more importantly our clients are thrilled with the results.

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Aaron Horne
Real Estate Agency

“Even those who are not design-savvy can easily create realistic and inviting virtually staged spaces that attract potential buyers regularly. It has taken our real estate marketing to the next level!”

Troy Sinclair
Real Estate Photographer

"The lighting, shadows, and reflections are on point, making my workflow so much easier. My clients are amazed at the end results, bringing their homes to life and most importantly attracting potential buyers."

Amy Lang
Home Stager

"Apply Design is a huge time and money saver! I’m able to deliver high-quality virtually staged images in record time, and my clients are beyond impressed with the custom style and quick turnaround.”

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